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[   ]Proceedings.pdf2016-06-24 15:50 94K 
[   ]Web Service based Data Dissemination Technique.pdf2016-06-24 15:50 469K 
[   ]Traffic Control at Signalized Intersections based on Pedestrians#U2019 Group.pdf2016-06-24 15:51 222K 
[   ]Mobile Applications in Educational Institutions.pdf2016-06-24 15:51 798K 
[   ]An Adaptive Approximation Algorithm for.pdf2016-06-24 15:51 352K 
[   ]A rotationally invariant texture descriptor to detect.pdf2016-06-24 15:52 305K 
[   ]A Context-aware Adaptive Web service Composition Framework.pdf2016-06-27 15:55 173K 
[   ]A Crossover Interconnection Model of UPnP Devices in Different.pdf2016-06-27 15:55 1.5M 
[   ]A Data Synchronization Method Oriented to Custom Hierarchical.pdf2016-06-27 15:56 122K 
[   ]A hybrid data hiding scheme to enhance the capacity.pdf2016-06-27 15:56 1.4M 
[   ]A Novel Approach for Video Classification Based on Association Rules.pdf2016-06-27 15:56 152K 
[   ]A Novel Architecture for Vehicular Traffic Control.pdf2016-06-27 15:57 324K 
[   ]A Novel E-Learning Approach to add more.pdf2016-06-27 15:57 135K 
[   ]A novel technique to achieve high bandwidth at low supply voltage.pdf2016-06-27 15:57 163K 
[   ]A PFC Based Bridgeless Converter with Improved.pdf2016-06-27 15:58 433K 
[   ]A PSO based VM Resource Scheduling Model for Cloud Computing.pdf2016-06-27 15:58 315K 
[   ]A Scheme of Jitter Elimination in IP Real-time service.pdf2016-06-27 15:59 276K 
[   ]A study of Path Completion Techniques in Web Usage.pdf2016-06-27 16:01 622K 
[   ]A STUDY OF VARIOUS APPROACHES AND.pdf2016-06-27 16:01 155K 
[   ]A Study on Adaptive R ate Control Scheme.pdf2016-06-27 16:02 240K 
[   ]An Ant Based Heuristic Approach to.pdf2016-06-27 16:03 327K 
[   ]An Approach to support the Interoperability of Intelligent Grouping and Resource.pdf2016-06-27 16:04 360K 
[   ]An Effective Path Planning of Mobile Robot Using Genetic.pdf2016-06-27 16:04 271K 
[   ]An Efficient Distributed Group Key Management Using Hierarchical.pdf2016-06-27 16:04 246K 
[   ]An Efficient Indexing Algorithm for CBIR.pdf2016-06-27 16:05 200K 
[   ]An Efficient Mobile Data Collector Based Data.pdf2016-06-27 16:06 462K 
[   ]An Empirical Model of Gender Based.pdf2016-06-27 16:06 210K 
[   ]An Image Encryption Scheme Based on Cat Map and Hyperchaotic.pdf2016-06-27 16:07 749K 
[   ]An Intelligent Algorithms for higher heterogeneous Arithmetic Grid System.pdf2016-06-27 16:07 340K 
[   ]An Intelligent Tutoring System with an Automated Knowledge.pdf2016-06-27 16:08 137K 
[   ]An Overview of ICI Self Cancellation Techniques in.pdf2016-06-29 12:29 182K 
[   ]Analysis of Low Power 1-bit Adder Cells using.pdf2016-06-29 12:30 222K 
[   ]Analysis of Memristor Behavior in presence of.pdf2016-06-29 12:30 321K 
[   ]Analysis of Testing Metrics for Object Oriented Applications.pdf2016-06-29 12:30 391K 
[   ]Application of MCDM - AHP Technique for PMU.pdf2016-06-29 12:31 291K 
[   ]Array Failure Correction With Placement of Wide.pdf2016-06-29 12:31 228K 
[   ]Attacks in a PKI-Based Architecture for M-Commerce.pdf2016-06-29 12:31 536K 
[   ]Beamforming and Interference Alignment Transmission Mechanism.pdf2016-06-29 12:32 163K 
[   ]Big Data Analysis Recommendation System with.pdf2016-06-29 12:32 255K 
[   ]Blind Source Separation of Underwater Acoustic Signal by Use of.pdf2016-06-29 12:32 297K 
[   ]Building a Distributed Generic Recommender Using Scalable Data Mining Library.pdf2016-06-29 12:33 155K 
[   ]CFAR-Based TOA Estimation and Node Localization Method for UWB Wireless.pdf2016-06-29 12:33 180K 
[   ]Circularly Polarized Antenna Array for L-band Applications.pdf2016-06-29 12:33 282K 
[   ]Cognitive Access Point to Handle Delay Sensitive Traffic in WLANs.pdf2016-06-29 12:34 342K 
[   ]Color Image Edge Detection Based on Cube Similarity.pdf2016-06-29 12:34 540K 
[   ]Comparative Analysis of VoIP Application with.pdf2016-06-29 12:35 458K 
[   ]Comparison of Mechanisms for Reducing.pdf2016-06-29 12:35 160K 
[   ]Consumer End Load Scheduling in DSM Using.pdf2016-06-29 12:35 489K 
[   ]Contour Detection of Gradient Images Using Morphological Operator and.pdf2016-06-29 12:36 954K 
[   ]Debug Challenges for UTMI Low Pin Interface.pdf2016-06-29 12:36 481K 
[   ]De-Identification of Textual Data using Immune System for Privacy.pdf2016-06-29 12:36 219K 
[   ]Design & Analysis of IIR Notch.pdf2016-06-29 12:37 583K 
[   ]Design and Implementation of Unified.pdf2016-06-29 12:37 425K 
[   ]Design of a chaos-based digitlal image encryption algorithm in time.pdf2016-06-29 12:37 379K 
[   ]Design of a Stable Read-Decoupled 6T SRAM Cell at 16-nm Technology Node.pdf2016-06-29 12:38 459K 
[   ]Design of FIR Filter Using FCSD Representation.pdf2016-06-29 12:38 241K 
[   ]Deterministic Equivalent for the Analysis of MIMO Multiple Access.pdf2016-06-29 12:38 190K 
[   ]Development of self sustainable technology.pdf2016-06-29 12:38 211K 
[   ]Dissection and Proposal of Multitudinal.pdf2016-06-29 12:39 581K 
[   ]Distributed Turbo Code Forwarding Systematic Bits.pdf2016-06-29 12:39 165K 
[   ]DNA Computing Models for Boolean Circuits and.pdf2016-06-29 12:40 309K 
[   ]DOD-DOA-Polarization Estimation in Large MIMO Radar System Based on.pdf2016-06-29 12:40 2.9M 
[   ]Dynamic Channel Reservation for Cognitive Radio Networks.pdf2016-06-29 12:40 206K 

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