Research Publications of ABESEC Faculty Members




(Duration: From Jan 2019 )
S.N. Title of Paper Name of Authors Name of Journal / Conference

Vol. / Issue Page No. and Year of Publication


Experimental study of heat transfer characteristics of an impinging jet solar air heater with fins

Abhishek Kumar Goel and S,N, Singh

Environment, Development 

and Sustainability, Springer

April 2019

Artificial immune system based approach for size and location optimization of distributed generation in distribution system 

Vikas Singh Bhadoria, Nidhi Singh Pal and Vivek Shrivastava

Int J Assur Eng Manag 23rd March  2019

Optimal reduction of noise in image processing using collaborative inpainting filtering with pillar K-Mean clustering

Kanika Gupta, Nandita Goyal and Harsh Khatter

The Imaging Science Journal, Taylor & Francis

27th  January  2019
4. Effect of Ultrasonication in Treatment of Crude Oil

Amita Tripathi, G..Nath and R Paikaray

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

November  2018

Extended Intelligent MANET System Model for Detection and Prevention of Annomaly Using ANFIS

Pankaj Kumar Sharma and Ashok K. Singh

Amity International Conference,4-6 Feb, 2019

February  2019

Effect of Temperature on elastic properties of CNT reinforced nanocomposites 

Guru, K., Sharma, T, and Shukla, K.K.

Materials Research Express 8th May, 2019

A Novel Approach for coordinated operation of variable speed wind energy conversion in smart grid applications 

Ahuja, Hemant and Pawan Kumar

Computers and Electrical Engineering , Elsevier

Vol. 77  July 2019



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