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                                 List  of  Journals / Periodicals
                                 Year 2019
S.No. Title Freq.
1 Journals of Structural Engineering  BM
2 Power Engineering Journal HY
3 New Building Material & Construction World M
4 Journal of Indian Water Works Associate Q
5 Water and Energy International Journal M
6 IETE Technical Review BM
7 IETE Journals of Research BM
8 IETE Journals of Education HY
9 Industrial Prodcut Finder M
10 Current Science FN
11 Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy Q
12 Journal of Genetics BM
13 Pramana-Journal of Physics M
14 Proceedings(Mathematical Sciences) Q
15 Resonance : Journal of Sci. Education M
16 Journal of Earth system science BM
17 Journals of Bio Sciences Q
18 Journal of Chemical Sciences M
19 Journal of Material Science BM
20 Sadhna ( Engineering Sciences) BM
21 Communication Today M
22 Library Progress HY
23 Capital Market FN
24 Corporate Professional Today W
25 Mutual Find Insight M
26 Human Capital M
27 Journal of Bank Management Q
28 Journal of Financial Risk Management Q
29 Journal of Marketing Management Q
30 Journal of Business Strategy Q
31 Indian of Management Research Q
32 Journal of Supply Chain Management Q
33 Journal of Accounting & Audit Practice Q
34 Journal of Brand Management Q
35 Journal of Operation Management Q
36 Journal of Organizational Behavior Q
37 Journal of Applied Economics Q
38 Journal of Telecommunication Q
39 Indian Journal of Research Capital Market Q
40 AMC Indian Journal of Entrepreneurship Q
41 Arthshastra Indian Journal of Economic Research BM
42 Indian Journal of Finance M
43 Indian Journal of Marketing M
44 Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management M
45 Nournal of Business Management BM
46 IIMB Management Review Q
47 Yojana M
48 IBMRD Journal of Management & Research HY
49 Journal of Instrument Society of India Q
50 Embedded for You BM
51 Science Reporter  M
52 Journal of Intellectual Property Right BM
53 Indian Journal of Engineering & Material Science BM
54 Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research M
55 Indian Geo Technical Journal Q
56 Indian Journal of Awareness in Engg. Sci Applied Math Q
57 Opsearch Q
58 Journal of Human Values M
59 Vikalpa Q
60 Foreign Trade Review Q
61 Vision Q
62 Science, Technology and Society TA
63 Journal of Mechanical Engineering  HY
64 Journal of Mathematics & Computing System HY
65 Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engg HY
66 Journal of Applied Chemistry HY
67 Journal of Applied Physics HY
68 Journal of Construction Management  Q
69 E-Power Merged with Electronic Bazar M
70 Electronic Maker M
71 Journal of Intelligent System Research HY
73 Indian Management M
74 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics Q
75 Indian Journal of Training & Development Q
76 Down to Earth FN
77 National Geographic M
78 Journal of Resonance Energy & Development  HY
79 Indian Foundry Journal M
80 Industrial Engineering Journal M
81 ICJ: The Indian Concrete Journal M
82 Civil Engineering & Construction Review M
83 Journal of Indian Road Congress Q
84 Advances in Wireless & Mobile Communication HY
85 IEEM Journal M
86 Lighting India BM
87 Current Development in Artificial Intelligence Q
88 Electrical India M
89 University News W
90 CGIRE Indian Journal HY
91 Indian Journal of Financial Management Q
92 Indian Journal of Marketing & Human Resourcs TA
93 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations  Q



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